Celebrating expectant moms... safely.

Published: Apr 06, 5:04am GMT+0

All new moms deserve a baby shower to help them welcome their little one, even in — especially in — a pandemic.

Optum was honored to be back as a Proud Partner at THE PLAYERS this year. And at the Optum Store, we were privileged to participate in this year’s drive-by version of their Operation Shower, an annual event benefitting expectant moms from Florida military bases.

Forty moms-to-be convoyed safely through the February sunshine at TPC Sawgrass to collect boxes of goodies from Optum Store, OptumServe™, UnitedHealthgroup® Children’s Foundation and other sponsors. 

Optum Store baby bundles included many of the necessities for helping babies feel better:

  • Baby saline nose spray and drops

  • Infant gas relief

  • Baby oral pain relief tablets

  • Diaper paste

And one lucky mom received an Owlet Monitor Duo — a smart sock and camera system that lets parents monitor their baby’s heart rate and oxygen while streaming audio and video to their phone.

The moms also received a special 15% off promo code toward a storewide discount — a code they could share with friends and family — plus free shipping.

“The Optum Store was thrilled for the opportunity to support the families and shower them with gifts to support such an exciting time,” said Faiz Ahmad, Optum chief executive officer of direct-to-consumer. “I want to personally thank the families for their service and sacrifice.”

Optum Store has the health and wellness products to support moms and babies through all the exciting stages.

Products include:

  • Thermometers

  • Nursing pads

  • Bottles

  • Breast pumps and milk storage bags

  • Children’s pain relievers

  • Pedialyte hydration replenishment 

Jami, one of the shower participants, shared her appreciation in a note: “Thank you so much for this today. I am incredibly blessed to have been invited. I’m still speechless at the amount of gifts and love. THANK YOU.”

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