Ezy Dose Kids Lice Comb with Magnifier

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Removes lice and their eggs. Effective and safe. Gets children back to school.


1. Use a lice shampoo. Follow instructions carefully. 2. Remove all snarls with an ordinary comb before using the lice comb. 3. Separate hair into half inch sections. Place the teeth of the short pin comb next to the scalp and gently comb to the ends of the hair. Be careful to pass through the same section several times and clean the comb after each pass. Then using the long pin comb on the same section of hair, being careful to pass through the section several times. Clean the comb after each pass. Repeat until the entire head is complete. 4. Check hair carefully and make sure you have not missed any lice or nits. 5. Continue to inspect for nits daily for at least two weeks. 6. Clean comb with warm soapy water after each session.


This product is not a toy. Keep this and all medical devices out of a child's reach.