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Father’s Day gifts for health-conscious dads

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Dad with his son opening father's day gift

Looking for the perfect Father’s Day present? These wellness gifts from the Optum Store will make his day super special.

Nancy Fitzgerald

By Nancy Fitzgerald

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and one thing’s for sure: The No. 1 dad in your life doesn’t need another tie. Maybe you’re shopping for your own father or father-in-law. Or maybe you’re helping your kids pick out something cool for your spouse. Either way, give him something special to mark the big day.

The Optum Store has the best gifts ever for the best dad in the world. Bonus: These picks will help him live a happier, healthier life.

Gifts for the dad who’s a fitness fanatic

Whether he goes on early morning runs or lifts weights in the basement, the active dad in your life is always looking for ways to improve his game. Cheer him on with a gift he’ll love:

Withings Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch Activity Tracker, $200. This fitness tracker will look great on his wrist. And it really packs a punch. Dad can choose from more than 30 sports, then hit the timer to measure his duration and distance. The watch also displays his heart rate and the number of calories he burns each day. And it features automatic exercise recognition — which is a fancy way of saying it will give him credit for every step he takes. (Learn more ways that fitness trackers can boost health.)

Theragun Mini Handheld Percussive Massager, $149. Every active dad’s muscles get sore after he rides his bike or hits the gym. Enter the Theragun. This little massage device pounds sore muscles with targeted pulses of pressure to stimulate sore tissue. In fact, a 2020 study from the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine showed that Theragun massagers can boost recovery time. This compact version is portable but powerful. It’s easy to tuck into a backpack so he can get fast relief on the go.

Check out a larger selection of fitness trackers, pain-relief devices and more at the Optum Store.

Gifts for the dad who needs some pampering

Nobody works harder than your favorite dad. Whether it’s his job, his family or his home, he puts his heart into everything he does. That’s what brings joy to his life. But it can also cause little aches and pains. These pampering presents will give him relief.

dpl Pain Relief Neck Pillow, $99. Lifting heavy loads, hunching over the computer, or clutching the steering wheel on the commute to work can cause pain in the upper back and neck. Why not pamper your father with this splurgy neck pillow? It uses infrared and red-light therapy to penetrate deep into joints and soft tissue for powerful, quick pain relief. All he needs to do is lean back, relax and say “aahhhh.”

Kanjo Acupressure Foot Pain Relief Ball Set, $18. Healthy feet are happy feet, especially for dads who are standing or on the move all day. So give his tootsies a treat with the Kanjo Acupressure Foot Pain Relief Ball Set. Dad can simply roll them under his feet when he’s watching TV or reading after a long day. The spikes on the balls will ease general foot pain.

Gifts for the dad who wants to get healthier

Is your father or husband on a wellness kick? Encourage his good habits. He might like a high-tech present that can help him keep track of his goals. Some choices:

Withings Sleep Cycle Tracking Pad, $100. Great sleep is the key to good health — and this device will help your favorite dad enjoy a super snooze. The thin pad slips under the mattress, with sensors that detect heart rate, movement and even snoring. Then it gathers all that information into a sleep report and delivers vital stats on how well he slept. The Withings Sleep Cycle Tracking Pad can even detect moderate to severe sleep apnea, according to a 2021 study in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine. (Sleep apnea is a disorder in which your breathing repeatedly stops and starts as you sleep. It may need to be treated by a doctor.)

Withings Body Digital Wi-Fi Smart Scale, $60. Regular weigh-ins can help any dad maintain a healthy weight (or lose some pounds, if he’s trying to slim down). But why settle for a boring basic scale? The Withings Body Digital Wi-Fi Smart Scale has some high-tech bells and whistles. It measures weight, of course. But it will also tell him his body mass index — a measurement of whole-body health. And he can sync it with the Health Mate app on his smartphone so that his weight-related info will always be at his fingertips. Dad can even get bonus fitness and diet tips on the app.

Gifts for the dad who’s always outdoors

Think your dad’s a tough guy? Maybe. But the sun’s ultraviolet rays are way stronger. And all that sun exposure could eventually lead to skin cancer. If he likes to spend time outside mowing the lawn or swimming laps in the pool, help him stand up to the power of the sun. Give him the gift of sunscreen — and encourage him to slather it on, even when the day is cloudy or cool.

MDSolarSciences Solar Stick, SPF 40, $22. Perfect for the always-on-the-go dad. This mineral sunscreen stick is easy to pack and glides on flawlessly. It delivers powerful protection with an all-mineral formula. Mineral formulations are especially good for people with sensitive skin, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. This one is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes.

Bare Republic Clearscreen SPF 50 Sunscreen Body Lotion, $13. If your dad’s the no-fuss type, he’ll love this clean, nongreasy lotion. It blends invisibly to provide healthy, high-performance sun protection. It’s easy to apply, with no synthetic fragrances, so he can have some worry-free fun in the sun.

The Optum Store carries a wide variety of sunscreen products that make great gifts for dads. Get started.

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